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Today 23 of August 2023 Looma4Yachts established a partnership with the orcas.pt which is a website to sea lovers and sailors that tracks orca encounters with boats in Portugal and Spain coast.

This site with a community of more than 1500 sailors has created two forums on the Telegram app and on Whatsapp groups for reporting  interactions and event free passages, and to discuss tactics and potential solutions. The site and the groups are the main source of information in the world for tracking and informing about positions of attacking Orcas, advice to avoid and ideas for preventive actions.

Our partnership will be a win-win for our clients as for the members of orcas.pt community and we encourage all sailors to support this initiative. Looma4Yachts will sponsor the group financially, but also provide members of the group with discounts for our services. Contact us for more information!